Google Maps+NMEA

Empowering Google Maps with data from your GPS device

What does Google Maps+NMEA do?

It provides a way for your GPS receiver to tell Google Maps where you are, and, when it is completed, will provide other "smart" functionality as well: for example, providing directions from your current location (based on the GPS data) to a given point.

Yeah, I know, the name kind of stinks. But I couldn't come up with anything better at the time! If you have any suggestions, please submit them somehow (via email or a support request--I consider the matter of a catchy name urgent)!

What are its hardware and software requirements? What platforms does it support?

Potentially, almost any! Well, that is, any platform supported by rxtx (to whom the author is incredibly grateful for providing a Java serial port library). Rxtx, according to the project itself, will run on well over 100 platforms, so, chances are, yours is supported.

What platforms is it packaged for?

Ah, good question! Right now, due to its truly alpha state, I'm only supplying a package here for Windows. However, once it reaches a reasonable level of functionality, I will certainly add Linux and OS X packages (don't know how many new Mac laptops come with serial ports, though).

But Java's totally cross-platform, right?

Yes, generally. However, the serial drivers require hardware level access that is best done through native code (extensions written in C or C++ that are compiled for each platform), meaning that I'll have to package a different version of the drivers with the JAR for each OS (that JAR being distributed via Java Web Start or direct download).

How can I connect my GPS device to my computer for use with GoogleMaps+NMEA?

Currently, only a serial cable is supported. USB support should be added in the near future however, and I'll be taking a good look at Bluetooth.

When do you expect to have a fully functioning release?

I'm not sure; in the meantime, check out (pun!) the Subversion repository here. Logo